What is a technical research paper

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Always shun irritating alliteration. Use language which is simple and straightforward. Put together a neat summary. Arrangement of information: Each section of the main body should start with an opening sentence, and there should be a changeover at the end of the section.

Give only valid and powerful arguments for your topic.

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You may also maintain your arguments with records. Never start at the last minute: Always allow enough time for research work. Leaving everything to the last minute will degrade your paper and spoil your work.

How to Read a Research Paper

Multitasking in research is not good: Doing several things at the same time is a bad habit in the case of research activity. Research is an area where everything has a particular time slot. Divide your research work into parts, and do a particular part in a particular time slot.

Technical Paper Writing

Never copy others' work: Never copy others' work and give it your name because if the evaluator has seen it anywhere, you will be in trouble. Take proper rest and food: No matter how many hours you spend on your research activity, if you are not taking care of your health, then all your efforts will have been in vain.

For quality research, take proper rest and food. Go to seminars: Attend seminars if the topic is relevant to your research area. Utilize all your resources.

Risk Management -Technical/Research Paper Writing Contest 2018

Refresh your mind after intervals: Try to give your mind a rest by listening to soft music or sleeping in intervals. This will also improve your memory. Acquire colleagues: Always try to acquire colleagues. No matter how sharp you are, if you acquire colleagues, they can give you ideas which will be helpful to your research. Think technically: Always think technically. If anything happens, search for its reasons, benefits, and demerits.

Technical report

Think and then print: When you go to print your paper, check that tables are not split, headings are not detached from their descriptions, and page sequence is maintained. Adding unnecessary information: Do not add unnecessary information like "I have used MS Excel to draw graphs.

Foreign terminology and phrases are not apropos. One should never take a broad view. Analogy is like feathers on a snake. Use words properly, regardless of how others use them.

Paper Structure

Remove quotations. Puns are for kids, not grunt readers. Never oversimplify: When adding material to your research paper, never go for oversimplification; this will definitely irritate the evaluator. Be specific. Never use rhythmic redundancies. Contractions shouldn't be used in a research paper. Give up ampersands, abbreviations, and so on. Remove commas that are not necessary. Parenthetical words should be between brackets or commas.

Understatement is always the best way to put forward earth-shaking thoughts.

Give a detailed literary review. Report concluded results: Use concluded results. Is it aimed at people in related fields who may be venturing into a new cross-disciplinary area?


Know your goal and your audience and it should then be clear what to include in your review and what to leave out. Finally, it is time to start writing. Like any other paper, this will need to have an Introduction, which explains what has been done before for example, in previous reviews and what has motivated your review paper i. It may have Methods and Results sections, particularly if you have taken a systemmatic and quantitative approach to your review, or it may be a more narrative review, divided into sections that help you tell the story and elucidate the topic. It should certainly have a Conclusions section: what should change as a result of what you have found and discussed in your review?

As with any paper, aim to write clearly and in a way that will be interesting for your intended audience. Aim to write in a way that makes it easy to find and understand your key messages, even for skim-readers. Aim to be concise but to back up everything you say with evidence. Once you have this done and have asked a friendly colleague to look over it and give you feedback, you will be ready to submit the review to a good journal in your field.

Make sure that it is a journal that does publish reviews, and consider sending the editor a query first if you are not sure whether they publish reviews that have not been solicited. This question originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Receive discount. Check your email, discount code is already there. Academic Level. Estimated Date:.

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what is a technical research paper What is a technical research paper
what is a technical research paper What is a technical research paper
what is a technical research paper What is a technical research paper
what is a technical research paper What is a technical research paper
what is a technical research paper What is a technical research paper

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