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Jane Eyre, in particular, falls into the tradition of the late eighteenth and nineteenth century gothic novels. There is also a prevalent theme of the supernatural, such as the appearance of Mr. Furthermore, there is a great deal of suspense that is generated by the violent behaviour of Bertha Mason. The gothic elements of mystery, violence and the supernatural have the strongest presence in Jane Eyre.

When Jane first arrived at Thornfield, already she could sense that something was peculiar about the place. Fairfax, the housekeeper, informs Jane that a servant named Grace Poole lives up there.

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She is also rather unbalanced. However, what Jane finds most disturbing is that Grace continues to work at Thornfield even after she supposedly tried to kill Rochester.

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She wonders what power this strange woman has over Rochester, and furthermore, why she had tried to kill him in the first place. Jane is convinced that Rochester may not be telling her the whole truth regarding Grace Poole. Her beliefs are confirmed when she sees the bleeding Mason, one of the guests at the house. Jane now realizes that Grace is a dangerous person, although she still does not know how Mason and Rochester are related to her.

When she tells him about the incident, Rochester tries to convince her that it must have been a dream. However, Jane is certain that it was not.


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Rochester had kept her up on the third floor and paid Grace Poole to look after her. The theme of the supernatural is consistent throughout the novel. Jane had her first supernatural encounter when she was just ten years old. As punishment for striking her cousin, John Reed, her aunt locked her up in a spare room in the house.

The Gothic Features of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Essay -- Charlott

While she was imprisoned, Jane hears strange noises, and the tension in this scene increases as her mind becomes more frantic and superstitious. The scene within the red-room is also loaded with gothic imagery. Like old castles and crumbling ruins, the red-room has a dark and ominous feeling. The colour on the walls is reminiscent of blood. All of these elements — a dark and foreboding room where a family member died, the colour red, ghosts, and the violent storm — are essentially gothic.

Rochester, as they too are about to be split. Once again, the author has employed nature to forewarn the reader of upcoming events. The lightening has destroyed another aspect of nature, and therefore the elements are responding to the immoral position that Mr. Rochester has put Jane into.

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Metatonamy is one technique of using symbolism in a gothic way. Symbolism and imagery are also used at the beginning of chapter 1. The reader is constantly being bombarded with this sort of imagery, and therefore, all the way through the novel there is a spiritual element. Mid-way through chapter 23, Mr. Whenever Jane dreams of a child, bad news follows. The supernatural is a key element in gothic novels. The first dream that Jane had involving a child lasted a week. She also receives bad news regarding the Reeds. A pattern develops that suggests that when Jane dreams of a child, bad news or events will follow.

Jane also dreams about an infant on the eve of her wedding. This is another example of the supernatural, because Jane envisions something that happens in the future. The red room is a gothic concept that is repeated throughout the novel. Reed had died. This sense of the room being forbidden creates a mysterious and supernatural atmosphere, and Jane reinforces this, by talking of Mr.

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The second time a red room appeared in the novel is in chapter In both cases, she is locked in the rooms overnight, and is scared of an inhuman creature appearing, in the form of Mr. These similarities increase the expectation that, like Mr. Reed, Mr. Mason will die too. The third time Jane is locked in a room, she locks herself in, after discovering about Mr. She is also in her room for a long period of time.

The red room becomes a symbol of affliction. Throughout the novel, there is an aura of mystery surrounding Mr. It is typical of gothic novels to have a mysterious character.

This creates even more of a mystery, because it then becomes clear that no-one has any understanding of what has happened to Mr. Rochester in the past. However, the explanation he gives does not account for his previous behaviour. Charlotte Bronte has created a feeling of suspense, which is a key feature of gothic novels, because the reader wants to know the other explanation. This raises questions as to why he hates Thornfield, thus creating mystery.

Also, the use of these emotive verbs builds up the atmosphere of obscurity surrounding Mr. Mason is attacked. The reader then becomes aware that something deadly is at Thornfield Hall. There is also a mystery of why Mr. Rochester, makes him appear as a monster, thus making the reader wary of the darker side of Mr.

Rochester, and warning them in advance of the way he is likely to react when his wife is revealed. Most gothic novels contained a mysterious character. Rochester, Grace Poole and Bertha Rochester. Grace first comes under suspicion at the end of chapter 11, when Jane hears her laugh for the first time. Just before she finds Mr.

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There is a strong gothic feeling when Mr. Mason is attacked by Mr. These adjectives lead to the connotation that somebody is being murdered by someone else, and this builds up the mystery. Then, this feeling is intensified with the revelation that Mr. Mason has been attacked. A mysterious character enters again on the eve of Janes wedding, when someone enters her room and rips the veil. Thus, the house suggests that their matrimonial bliss will be brief in this old, gothic home.

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