Humorous essay contest

Chris Fielden Hi Hannah, yes, children can enter with parental consent. BUT, parents should be aware that the competition is primarily aimed at adults so a story written by a child could end up being published in an anthology alongside stories that contain the use of profanity and adult themes.

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So, if you have young children, you may feel this is inappropriate. However, I want to encourage writers of all ages to have a go at writing, entering competitions and having the chance of seeing their work published , so I am willing to accept entries from all age groups One thing that did really strike me in the competitions section was Sons of Joy as I suppose I haven't read a lot of pieces on food - it really interested me.

Looking on their site though it seems that the poor people doing it have been hit by a stalker and now stopped the site? Or have I got that wrong? How did you hear about it? Laura B Hi Chris, it was on their site - they mentioned having to stop due to a fan becoming a stalker or something which is quite sad - I actually find the site really interesting! It seemed like the last update was July unless I clicked on the wrong bit?

Chris Fielden Laura, ah right, I found the page and it seems they do have a stalker problem. What a shame. Let's hope they get it resolved and start running again soon! Laura B Definitely! Some people take it all too far : Thanks Chris. Carol M Is the competition open to all people around the globe, for example in African Countries?

Chris Fielden Yes, the competition is open to anyone residing anywhere in the world, as long as the stories are written in English As a published, though hardly known, author, I have a piece I wrote recently I would like to send. After I finished it, I realized that 1 It made no sense, and 2 I didn't have a clue who would want to read itthat is, until I got your email.

Chris Fielden Frank, your story sounds perfect. I'll look forward to reading it when you enter Bill R I have never submitted anything for publication and have a few stories I'd like to submit to your competition. My question is: what are your specific or preferred format requirements, if any? Most sites specify: Courier 14, left justified, double spaced. That makes for an ugly manuscript, though perhaps utilitarian. I work in Word and like my mss in Garamond 14, justified, 1. They would be easy to reformat and I'd be happy to do so if you prefer. Chris Fielden Bill, all the details regarding formatting are in the rules above.

Gina W Wow, what an amazing competition!!!!!!! I am running a writers' workshop at Hull, 9th July, We are all serious about writing and love humour. So, I will pass the details on. Many thanks Amanda L Love that you are bonkers and self medicating on writing, reading short stories and riding your bike.

Royal Nonesuch Humor Writing Contest - Mark Twain House

What a splendid wheeze. Thanks to your inventiveness, writing now has the chance of both seeing the light of day and getting a little outing What short story does not dream of a life outside of its creater? The smell of leather and exhaust fumes, the open road, the chance to see whether Hull is real or whether it was something they made up to scare the willies out of everyone? Would a picnic, with cheese and pickle sandwiches at a truck stop layby, be altogether out of the question?

My appetite for writing has just been picqued.

To Hull And Back

Chris Fielden Thanks Amanda. I will take being called bonkers as a compliment - you could have been far ruder :- Picnics are NEVER out of the question. I hope you can now sate your writing appetite by penning a masterpiece. Amanda E Hi Chris, great informative site. And funny and a bit nerdy - I like that in a website. This is obviously outrageous, though super-positive-thinking a great short story.

It should be. Yes, I was aware that the BBC are using the name too and, like you, am outraged. I should ask for a cut. After I launched the competition, I found out that an old episode of Only Fools and Horses uses the same name, so I can't really accuse anyone else of nicking it. That would be a tad hypocritical. Ewurakua A Hi Chris, this sounds totally incredible. Is there some sort of deadline for submission of stories? Is there any age range? I mean can I participate from this part of the globe?

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I'm so into this. Chris Fielden Ewurakua, all the details are on the page, including deadlines. The current competition closes on 31st August There is no age limit. And it doesn't matter where you live. I accept entries from anywhere in the world as long as the stories are written in English. Nassima E I wanted to enter this competition because I have a wonderfull love of writing. I write beautiful stories , that's why I hope I'll win Chris Fielden I'll look forward to reading your entry, Nassima - best of luck Natalie G Can a story written by more than one person be entered?

I have been writing a story for a while now that I'm thinking of entering in the competition, however I started it off with a friend; she wrote one chapter as the story was her idea, but she has not kept it up.

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I don't think she would be willing to break off from the story, so it would be entered with both of our names. Final point and question: can one piece written by two authors be entered into your luscious contest? Chris Fielden Natalie, yes, because you used the word 'luscious' to describe the competition I've decided that I will accept an entry written by two people. I may have to come up with an interesting anthology cover should you win - Zaphod Beeblebrox springs to mind, as does Cerberus, hound of hades - but I'm sure it would be doable! Julie N I love your site, Christopher, and I love the idea of this crazy comp so much I am going to send you one of my stories, heavily inspired by my equally crazy love for Helen Simpson's short stories.

It might not be very good, but if you don't like it I will at least have the consolation of knowing I supported your work a little bit. Also I know what a go-pro is cos one of my sons is a film maker. Incidentally, we must be one of the few families who had a good-ish experience with Brit Writers It literally was a dazzling night for myself, husband and two boys, all free. Anyway I live in Yorks and am so interested in your comp prize that I would def travel to Hull if I won.

4th Grader Wins Statewide Essay Contest - Short

And would probably go on the Hog if you didn't mind! Gotta live a bit, eh?

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What would we write about if we didn't? I love writing, and talking to people and must have an interesting face for your book cover cos some chap from the other side of the world stopped to talk to me today in a museum when I was with my two youngest children I have five altogether, no TV signal 'oop North. People often do stop to talk, and tell me the most amazing things. So you never know, it might be the face that sells a few extra copies Chris Fielden Thanks Julie, I'll look forward to reading your story and seeing a picture of your interesting face. I suffer the same affliction.

Actually, 'interesting' probably isn't the right word for my beauteous bonce. You can bask in its glory by looking at my About page if you so desire and form your own opinion. I'd advise having a sick bag to hand should you brave it I'm glad to hear your experience with Brit Writers was good - I must admit, I'd only heard bad things from people up until now.

Well, if you win, you're welcome to hop on the hog with me hmm, that sounds like some sort of hideous euphemism , but hey, let's just ignore that for the ride to Hull.

Humorous essay contest
Humorous essay contest
Humorous essay contest
Humorous essay contest
Humorous essay contest

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