Healthy foods in schools essay

School Cafeterias and School Vending Machines Essay

Lone Star College holds the key to obtain performing, and concentrated students in a classroom; the key is the best choices of food for Breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day but provides students with the energy and nutrients that lead to increase the concentration in a classroom, also helps to control a healthy body weight.

Healthy Food Essay - Eating Healthy Affirmations

Having a good lunch is important. In my opinion, this has a lot to do with what we are serving in public school cafeterias across the nation.

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On the website Fed. Of all of the problems that dishearten children today, the one that bothers them the most is being unhealthy.

Essay on Healthy School Lunches Will Reduce Childhood Obesity

Five out of six students from the Manalapan Englishtown Middle School agree that there should be a change in the schools' cafeteria foods; they came up with a solution to help kids be healthy. Unhealthy foods should be eliminated in schools for many reasons. First of all, kids concentrate better when they are healthy.

Being healthy helps children to concentrate better because if they are healthy in the inside and the outside, they will not have to worry about their health or how they look.

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Secondly, having only healthy foods in school help parents to take good care of their kids. For instance, imagine a mom that is a seventh …show more content…. For example, if Jamie was a girl that was as fat as a hippo, she would have low self-esteem since everyone laughs at how she looks. She would not be able to focus and concentrate because everyone makes fun of her.

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If she were healthier, she would have more self-esteem; that can allow her to focus and do well in school. Next, kids will be successful and accomplish many tasks if they concentrate in school; they will also be successful. If an average student, Christine, gets good grades and is smart, she will be accepted to a good college. Then, Christine will get a good career and she will live a happy life.

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Working hard pays off later on. As a former student of the American public school systems, the condition of the food has been a problem for years. Over the past two decades, obesity has been an issue in the U. S, and it is due to poor school nutrition. The public schools lack a variation in the healthy meals they contain. Inadequate nutrition can lead to an abundance of health problems. Although spending money on food can be expensive, the government.

Healthy eating essay conclusion

Therefore, it is important to have strict policies for the prevention of obesity epidemic. School play an important role in fighting against the epidemic of childhood obesity World Health Organization, Even after the legislature has enacted laws to support school nutrition and physical education, many states including, Texas has not yet adopted these policies. It is important to have these policies in practice to prevent childhood obesity National.

With this in mind, I believe as a student, schools have the influence to help prevent young students from childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a condition where a child has unnecessary grossly fat. Many children who are overweight suffer from medical to self-esteem issues. Therefore, there are ways that schools can get involved to help prevent young students of becoming obese and in the process.

The guidelines that were published, are for healthy eating programs which include recommendations on school policies, instructions to students, curriculums, integration of school food services and nutrition education.

Unhealthy School Cafeteria Food Essay

The guidelines also target improvements in staff training, family and community involvement, as well as program evaluation. Should changes be made to the regulations for foods, served in public schools? There are no regulations on how many a la carte a student can purchase.

USDA defines these as competitive foods-which encompasses any food or beverage served or sold at school during the school day that is not part of the USDA school meals program.

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Some schools also offer soda for students to purchase. Children who drink more water consume less sugar and other beverages. In summary, the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act of went a long way to addressing childhood obesity and helped to raise nutritional standards for underprivileged students. The government made the rules too open. They needed to have more specifics listed within the Act. Most schools still need to work on what they feed their students.

While low-income students in enjoy better and healthier food choices for lunch because of the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act of , more changes should be made to the law to prevent schools from using loopholes to give students unhealthy options. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 27 Aug. DeNisco, Alison.

healthy foods in schools essay Healthy foods in schools essay
healthy foods in schools essay Healthy foods in schools essay
healthy foods in schools essay Healthy foods in schools essay
healthy foods in schools essay Healthy foods in schools essay
healthy foods in schools essay Healthy foods in schools essay
healthy foods in schools essay Healthy foods in schools essay

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