Moral objectivism essays

Moral Objectivism Essays

When determining which part of the discussion suited myself best, I discovered it to be a rather easy choice of objectivism.

At its origins, relativism appears to be a fair argument for threshold and for cultures to stay with each other. However ,? Instead, objectivism makes more sense to me. I feel that humans across the globe will be ingrained with common units of requires, interests, and desires, and thus there are concepts that are widespread and historical in being human. Then all those principles will be interpreted by a culture and society, which then decides how it accessories them into its existence.

A great objectivist world should still be giving room in its moral beliefs for tolerance of additional cultures and the practices, however, not to the level that conventionalism or subjectivism allows. Concepts of morality that impact an entire culture or society should be based upon a majority decision, not the beliefs of some. NASA has incredible benefits towards the near future expansion and advancement of america and even the globe. The NASA budget ought to be increased. NASA's current budget is defined at He needs to be innovative enough to create answers to new and pressing complications within their field.

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In the places that run with.. Relativism versus Objectivism Essay. Home Essay Relativism versus Objectivism Essay.

The Rule of Law

Related Essays. For example, we believe that killing is wrong for everyone, but some foreign cultures believe that killing is sometimes permissible and necessary. To unite, share, and promote harmony and respect, Objectivist virtues applied in your business ethics is the perfect moral theory for a young, fast-growing software company, because it is value-based on virtues. Virtuous actions lead to the achievement of values. When operating and managing a software company, the business virtue theory contends that virtuous principles, strategies, and actions result in companies realizing their values like mission, purpose, and profit potential.

Virtuous employees carry out their roles in a competent manner, which usually agrees with company goals. Virtues allow a person to act to gain value. When business people conform to the Objectivist virtues, they increase the likelihood of achieving their values and goals. Virtue ethics stresses the importance of each employee being able to make contributions of value. Valid virtue concepts are required to describe what it means to be an excellent director, leader, manager, or worker.

To be successful, a software company needs to provide a set of virtues that are reality-based, non-contradictory, integrated, and comprehensive. Virtue theory states that ethics is part of business and that it is necessary to integrate morals into management and practice. The role of virtues in your company is to direct and motivate employee behavior toward the success of your company.

A set of virtues exists that fit reality and most likely to lead to success and happiness in a business.

Essay on Objective Objectivism in The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

The personal virtues that she advocates have a direct bearing on work: rationality, honesty, justice, integrity, productiveness, and pride. These virtues are used as guides in a business career and in the business management. They define the excellent manager or other employee and provide the principles that a company should adopt with respect to investors, employees, customers, or vendors.

Virtue theory is concerned with the cultivation of character and provides a framework which a person can lead a flourishing, happy life.

Ayn Rand (1905—1982)

Moral growth comes from choice rather than from conformity to rules or codes. For example, traditional approaches like Consequentialism are viewed as constraining, because they focus on the rules that tell people how they should act, and nothing more. Utilitarianism concentrates on developing the principles instead of developing the character. Virtue theory provides a context in which strategies, plans, tactics, policies, and procedures are developed to attain a company stated mission and other relevant values. Virtuous employees experience the internal rewards of pride, self-esteem, and the joy of knowing that they did their jobs well.

Metaethics: Crash Course Philosophy #32

The ultimate value for a business is financial value. The purpose of a business is to maximize owner value over the length of the company.


Virtuous behavior is required at all levels of a company from employees who realize that business is a natural and moral means by which they can satisfy their personal needs and attain their success as individual human beings. A virtuous employee begins by understanding what the facts are and does not evade the distinction between the real and the unreal.

For making business decisions, an employee needs to use his reason to make rational, logical decisions based on the facts of reality. Much of morality in business falls under the virtue of honesty. Honesty means being in reality. Honesty is basic to the structure of human relationships.

Is Morality Relative? - The Philosophers' Magazine

Dishonesty is self-defeating, because it involves being in conflict with realty. Morality in business involves objectively recognizing and dealing with customers, employees, creditors, stockholders, and others as autonomous rational individuals with their particular goals and desires.

Honesty is closely related to the virtue of justice. Justice, a form of faithfulness to reality, is the virtue of granting to each person that which each person deserves.

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For example, a virtuous manager must make sure that customers get what they pay for. In addition, he needs to identify employees for what they accomplish and treat them accordingly. A virtuous manager discriminates among all those that he deals with such as customers, distributors, suppliers, and workers based on relevant qualities and personal merits such as ability, competency, performance, and character. He does not improperly discriminate based on irrelevant characteristics such as sex, race, or nationality.

Since we know that greed and dishonesty were major vices that heavily contributed to this financial mess, we can confidently move forward as a software company knowing that our moral code in place would never allow that to happen. Moral Objectivism. Accessed October 19, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers.

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moral objectivism essays Moral objectivism essays
moral objectivism essays Moral objectivism essays
moral objectivism essays Moral objectivism essays
moral objectivism essays Moral objectivism essays
moral objectivism essays Moral objectivism essays
moral objectivism essays Moral objectivism essays
moral objectivism essays Moral objectivism essays
moral objectivism essays Moral objectivism essays
Moral objectivism essays

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