A noiseless patient spider thesis

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In this poem, Whitman makes excellent use of imagery and metaphor.

by Walt Whitman

The speaker starts by vividly describing the experience of watching the spider weave its web, allowing the reader to share his fascination. In the second stanza, he elevates these images into metaphors for his soul's figurative desires: "to the bridge you will need be formed" and "till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere. In this poem, the spider and the speaker's soul both face a similar plight.

They must use their skills to build connections, searching for meaningful and effective bonds. In the first stanza, Whitman's characterization of the spider reads as somewhat hopeless - the creature is "isolated" and will be "ever unreeling" his web without any promise of making an impact on his "vast" environment. However, as is often the case with Whitman's poetry, the poem ends with an optimistic idea.

Although it is difficult to "ceaselessly" search for connections, his soul will eventually be successful and then he can rest, just like a spider with a completed web.

Analytical Essay on Walt Whitman’s “There Was a Child Went Forth” and “A Noiseless Patient Spider”

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A noiseless patient spider by walt whitman custom essay

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Sign up to view the complete essay. This usually depends on the underlying message and the subjective intention of the author. Irrespective of this, it can not be disputed that these provide an ideal channel for presentation of critical messages that could have otherwise required more time and space in prose.

In There was a Child went Forth, the speaker is a person who makes a close and critical observation of a child as it grows from infancy to adulthood. The speaker is a person who understands the different stages of growth and how the same are impacted on by the external forces of the environment. He is an independent person that is not directly involved in the life of the child.

Likewise, the speaker in the A Noiseless Patient Spider is also an observer who pays particular attention on t he activities of a spider as it strives to build a web. He admires the efforts of the spider as well as its wisdom that enables it to reach out to the filament and use the same in building its web. Notably, his life and soul are also complex and his world is very vast.

Just like the spider that makes fruitful efforts, his soul yearns for a quick reconnection with something in the vast universe that would probably make his soul peaceful. In the former, the speaker addresses the parents, educators and all other individuals who maintain close relationships with the child. These individuals play an instrumental role in shaping the external environment of the child that then determines its behavior and conduct.

Thus the speaker seeks to enlighten the same with regard to the measures that they can undertake in order to make the environment of the child suitable for or sustainable growth and development.

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In the latter the speaker addresses the entire humanity whose souls are characterized by an internal urge to connect with the universe in various ways. The audience is portrayed as one that is resigned as a result of finding it difficult to make viable connections that would then enhance the satisfaction of the same.

Both poems are informative and provide useful insights for use by the audience. However, There Was a Child Went Forth is more specific and focuses more on education and awareness creation.

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  • In contrast Whitman uses A Noiseless Patient Spider as an inspiration to motivate the entire human race to pursue their desires through persistence. In the former, Whitman places the poem in various contexts and settings generally, he provides a description of the entire life experiences of the child.

    A Noiseless Patient Spider

    The child is exposed both to the bustling city and to the rural area that is referred to as home. He has an experience of both the activities of day and night as well as various seasons that are represented by clouds and mist. However, the setting of the later takes place during the day and in a vast area that can probably be represented by a wilderness or countryside. Seemingly, the poems present different themes to the reader and audience.

    The former analyzes the theme of transformation and how the holistic environment contributes to the same. The latter on the other hand focuses on exploration and the relative persistence in attainment of certain goals and objectives by humans.

    A poetic experiment: Walt Whitman, interpreted by three animators - Justin Moore
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