Qualities of a good supervisor in education

1. Self-aware

In addition, students value supervisors who consider the needs of particular subgroups of the student population e. It is important that supervisors recognise the individual supervisory needs of each student. These vary between students and between different stages of their studies. The most common supervisor-related problem that PhD students face is having a supervisor whose extensive commitments make them too difficult to get hold of. This comes as a result of supervisors having too many other students and commitments.

10 Qualities of An Effective Supervisor

The consequences arising from this are numerous. Students see this as the main barrier to receiving optimal supervision. It is also a likely cause of many of the additional problems students emphasise see below. Feedback which conflicts with previous feedback given, too little feedback, delayed and infrequent feedback, illegible feedback, and too much negative feedback relative to encouraging and positive comments are all problematic issues for students.

A supervisor who lacks commitment to, or interest in, research poses problems for graduate research students. Such supervisors fail to show an interest by their lack of presence and their lack of enquiry into the progress of the work.

Empathy and Compassion

They tend to make little or no effort to encourage or motivate the student, fail to give guidance and direction on issues and questions raised, and don't cooperate well with the student or help the student to develop skills to help her or himself. Having to manage the relationship between co-supervisors who do not get along with each other is a substantial problem for students. Similarly, students find it problematic when they receive conflicting advice and opinions from each supervisor. Problems arise for students when they feel unclear or in disagreement with their supervisors about what the aims of the project are or how to best use and interpret their findings.

A failure to discuss the direction and progress of the research poses problems for the student and their research. Students face problems where there is poor communication with their supervisors about what each person expects of the other. Consequences include misunderstandings between parties, wasting time, and one or more parties getting frustrated. Another serious consequence is the student possibly being faced with a project that is too large to be completed in reasonable timeframe.

Some supervisors display selfishness and a lack of respect for their students. Students find it difficult to work with supervisors who only look at their own gains from the student's research, push the research down paths that interest them but not necessarily the student, treat the student as "their property", and expect students to do work that extends beyond the realms of their PhD or Master's research.

Students also find it concerning when they are not treated as colleagues, despite being at the final stages of their studies.

2. Conflict Resolution

Students struggle when their supervisors fail to recognise and respect that they have lives that extend beyond their thesis work. The problem of a supervisor who is not up to date with the field means supervisors are unable to help problem-solve and advise. This is particularly problematic for students who also lack access to those who do maintain a current knowledge of the literature.

In some areas, being out-of-date with the field means supervisors are ignorant of the optimal techniques and theories that exist. This has implications for the quality of research that can be performed. A lack of experience in research or supervision results in problems for students. Students commented that an inexperienced supervisor is unclear about the amount and quality of research that is sufficient for a PhD or Master's.

5 Core Skills to Be a Good Supervisor

Such supervisors are more likely to allow the student to do far too much research or to submit the thesis despite it failing to meet the required standards. In addition, a supervisor who lacks research experience is likely to allow the conduct of research that is badly-planned. Students find clashes of personality with their supervisors to be problematic for all concerned. The majority of students saw a personality clash as the reason most likely to drive them to abandon their studies or to change supervisors.

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For Otago Staff Close. About University of Otago Close. Research and Enterprise at Otago Close. Learning and teaching Close. International at Otago Close. Alumni and Friends Close. Contact Otago Close. Pacific at Otago Close. Search the University of Otago Search. Perspectives on quality supervision Home For students. Availability Students value availability in their supervisors. At this point, you will need the skill to convince your teammates to be receptive to the new idea and this requires good political skills.

An effective leader should be able to win others over, especially in difficult situations. An effective leader ought to be able to delegate a task to a person who has the right skills to handle it.

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It also goes without saying that a good leader is able to let people creatively come up with solutions to problems without micromanaging them. Delegating tasks and responsibilities also frees up your time as a manager and lets you focus on the most important tasks at hand. Different situations call for different approaches and it is the mark of a good manager to come up with creative and unique solutions to unique problems. Having the flexibility to come up with fresh tactics to manage each emerging situation allows you to develop good problem-solving skills and gives your team the confidence to trust you to solve emerging problems uniquely.

Management involves a lot of communication on expectations, company changes, and goals.

A team is kept together through constant communication as this ensures that everyone is on the same page and things are done in good time. It is the work of the manager to always keep the team in the loop. It also means that a good manager ought to have good crisis management skills, where any rumours are cleared in good time and effectively. Any problems and fresh issues that might arise are addressed in a timely manner.

What Makes A Good Supervisor? Essay

You are the boss and that is well-established. However, subordinates appreciate it when you treat them as partners as well as getting them to play a part in decision-making and drawing up of strategies as opposed to subordinates who merely receive instructions.

Team spirit requires that you give your subordinates the chance to take control of their activities and you involve them in departmental activities as well. This shows leadership and enhances collaboration. It is human nature to have a favourite, to prefer one person or thing to another. However, this does not augur well with your teammates when you are a supervisor.

Must-Have Characteristics of Effective Supervisors | QuickBooks Canada

It divides your team and diminishes your authority. Even if you have a favourite, try to stay neutral. Solve disputes in a neutral way and provide leadership. When your team members trust you to make neutral and well-informed decisions, they will trust you and your decisions. You cannot preach water and drink wine and expect your subordinates to trust and respect you. An effective leader stays on the right course and can be trusted to make the right decision even if it is painful. Remember, your subordinates look up to you and if you are unethical, they lose their respect for you and this erodes your authority.

In conclusion, an effective supervisor is one who offers leadership and brings the team together. It is someone with good communication skills, neutral, trustworthy, flexible and who knows how to delegate effectively. The leader should also be a learner and should treat their subordinates as partners. In a world where teamwork is cherished, a good leader should be able to find unique ways of holding the team together and rallying team members towards a common cause.

What are some of the effective leadership skills you use or have experienced in the course of your career? Thank you, I will try to follow the above…. So whenever we are in a new level off course there is going to be some new responsibilities, occasions where we are going to make tough decisions etc but with time youl adapt and you will even find yourself eying a managerial position so no need to worry, it will work out fine.

What you should not do is to shy away when you have been given this chance. You also need a thick skin as missiles and backbiting will be around you due to human nature. If you have nerves of steel you will survive the political and management storms sure to face you. Hi Mark, If you treat those who are under you as partners, and you are also flexible in whatever circumstance then the environment will be conducive for you and the rest who are under you.

I like approach used in analysing each skill. Kindly post more.

qualities of a good supervisor in education Qualities of a good supervisor in education
qualities of a good supervisor in education Qualities of a good supervisor in education
qualities of a good supervisor in education Qualities of a good supervisor in education
qualities of a good supervisor in education Qualities of a good supervisor in education
qualities of a good supervisor in education Qualities of a good supervisor in education
qualities of a good supervisor in education Qualities of a good supervisor in education
qualities of a good supervisor in education Qualities of a good supervisor in education
qualities of a good supervisor in education Qualities of a good supervisor in education

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