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The thread can, and should, vary widely from one story or essay to the next. You could make pictures of a thousand guys with beards but not have a cohesive body of work unless something other than beards makes the images relate to each other, for instance. A way of saying this is that you could make a bunch of threads and work very hard to do so. Why is it important to work on both stories and essays? On the one hand, having both in your portfolio makes you a more attractive hire. On another, each requires a different set of skills and mind set.

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Together they push what you can achieve, they help you reach a potential you might not otherwise. Working on picture stories tends to require immense personal skills. Essays, on the other hand, require a clarity of seeing. You define the point of view entirely, often by connecting seemingly unrelated objects, occurrences or times.

Storytelling within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

They require diligence and persistence that is different from a story. Then there are topics that require both approaches. You can do individual picture stories that combine like an essay to deal with a larger topic than one person or place might reveal. And how those shapes relate to one another. I admit it took me many years to understand its genius and its message.

Forman was a well-known photographer working for the Boston Herald when he attended the scene of a fire. What began as him documenting the rescue of a young woman and child quickly took a turn when the fire escape collapsed. The pair began to fall and he continued shooting as they were falling.

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He capturing them swimming through the air. Forman only lowered his camera and turned at the last moment when he realized what he was witnessing was a woman plummeting to her death. This famous photograph won Forman a Pulitzer prize. But its interesting legacy is the ethical questions it raised about when a photographer should stop shooting and whether it is appropriate to publish disturbing images.

It also caused many municipalities to enforce stricter fire-escape safety codes, so you decide. This image is another Pulitzer Prize-winning image.

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  7. As famous for its social impact, as it is the ethical issues it raised. His image of a collapsed child, with a vulture stalking over her, not only caused public outrage because of the horrific subject.

    It also stirred up a lot of criticism directed toward the photographer , for photographing the child, rather than helping her. That day, and the onslaught that came after continued to haunt Carter until he took his own life in For the record, the mother was apparently right next to the scene and the child was never in danger of being attacked by the bird. Notice that it was also shot with a longer telephoto lens which makes a scene look more compressed, making the bird appear closer to the child than reality.

    If you want to learn more about this image and more shot by photojournalists in South Africa during the fall of Apartheid, check out The Bang Bang Club. Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Eddie Adams was on the streets of Saigon on the 1st February photographing the devastation of the war.

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    Believing he was witnessing a routine execution of a prisoner. He looked through the viewfinder of his camera, to capture the scene. But what he captured was the casual assassination of the prisoner. This iconic photo became one of the most powerful images of the Vietnam War.

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    It helped fuel the anti-war movement and end US involvement in the war because it brought to life in a horrific visual, the magnitude of the violence occurring. It was at that instant that I took the photograph.

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    In the wake of the attack on pearl harbor, Churchill arrived in Ottawa , to thank the allies for their assistance. Unaware that a photographer had been commissioned to take his portrait he refused to remove his cigar. Once the photographer was set up he walked towards Churchill, removed the cigar from his mouth and took his famous photograph with the scowl.

    This image is one of the most widely reproduced political portraits. It gave photographers permission to take more honest, and even critical, portraits of political leaders. More often than not, the faces of those who suffer through the collateral damage of war are not seen.

    But the harrowing image of 9-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phuc forced the world to see. A victim of mistakenly dropped napalm, she was later helped by Ut and received lifesaving treatment. At the time of publication in many Newspapers had to relax their policies on nudity. The image remains controversial to this day, recently it was briefly removed from Facebook for the same reasons. Nick Ut won a Pulitzer Prize for this famous image in This dream opportunity quickly turned into a nightmare.

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    After two failed shoots, thanks to technical difficulties, it was third time lucky for Bourke-White. This iconic image of Gandhi at his spinning wheel was captured less than two years before his assassination. They realized that the most powerful tool they had was to show the real face of these children. They believed that seeing these images of child labor would awaken the citizens to demand change. When Lewis Hine, an investigative photographer, came across Sadie Pfeifer, one of the smallest children at work. Standing at just 48 inches, he knew he had a shot that would change peoples views.

    This photograph along with others was a crucial part of the campaign which led to a change in legislation. Strand not only captured a moment in time, when a country was changing rapidly, due to an immigration surge. But he also took the first image that paved the way for a new style — street photography. His famous photograph of the soldier and dental nurse has become one of the most iconic images of the 20th century, signifying the joyous end to years of war. His fascination with printing led him to set up a camera obscura at his studio in France in The window scene was cast on a pewter plate and presented a crude copy of the scene outside his window.

    It was an 8-hour exposure and there is only one copy , a positive image. This is why the image is somewhat confusing because the sun had moved across the courtyard during the exposure, causing shadows on both sides to appear. Unable to get an assignment to document the famine in Somalia photojournalist James Nachtwey decided to go alone.

    Supported on the ground by the Red Cross, Nachtwey captured the horrors of the famine. This, his most haunting image captures a woman in a wheelbarrow waiting to be taken to a feeding center.

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