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However, application essays in general are unique to each individual — each person has a different set of experiences and different aspects that they may wish to emphasize. Thus, examples are for reference only. When writing an application essay, it can be helpful to rely on the following steps. At this first stage, jot down your thoughts as you think of answers to the essay prompt. Try to think of themes that you wish to emphasize, as well as concrete examples that you may wish to describe in the essay.

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You can organize them into clusters for example, write ideas in circles and draw connecting lines. Remember that the overall goal of the essay is to convince the admissions committee that you are an attractive candidate and a good fit for their program. This is an optional step. You might have a chronological structure that begins with your earlier experiences and advances towards your more recent activities.

Alternatively, you may organize your essay around themes for example, research topics. A common outline involves an opening paragraph, then discussion of academic accomplishments, research experience, other experiences, future plans and suitability for the program of interest, and a concluding paragraph.

Often one of the biggest hurdles is just getting words on the page. The key here is to not worry about having your words sound perfectly the first time around. Try drafting several sentences, a paragraph or two, and see whether your thoughts translate well into prose.


It is common at this stage to discard whole sections of text in favor of new material. At this conclusion of this process, you should aim to have a completed first draft. It is easy to get burned out on writing, so after you have completed that first draft, set it aside for a while. Then, return with fresh eyes and read through it carefully. You are likely to find areas that need improvement — be sure to take notes or highlight them. It can help to read the essay out loud; a general rule is that if it sounds unusual when spoken aloud, it should be rewritten.

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Then, revise the essay. Have another individual or individuals read your essays critically and provide feedback. Your mentor can be an ideal person to provide that feedback; alternatively, you might try a university writing center or your peers. Using the feedback and your own thoughts while reading the essay, edit it further until it is a polished product.

Be sure to proofread, check formatting, and make sure that all aspects of the essay prompt are clearly and thoroughly addressed. Our program strives to:. Course requirements in the doctoral program can be conceptualized as a three-by-two matrix, with three areas of study: research methodology, psychological science content, and professional applications, in each of two levels: general i. Note: Rhode Island certification requirements include 12 credits from education-related courses see Section At least one of these courses must include curriculum development.

The educational philosophy of the URI Ph. Programs in School Psychology consists of a professional commitment of faculty, students, and graduates to immersion in research, teaching, and service characterized by:.

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The faculty of the School Psychology Program currently incorporates issues of diversity e. Bueno de Mesquita strives to promote the perspective of school psychologists as advocates for the promotion of mental health, violence prevention and positive psychological development, particularly for under-represented individuals. Under his leadership during the past 5 years, the global reach of the Center has expanded dramatically to include certification of more than training affiliates in 35 countries and conflict regions.

In her courses, Dr. Rattan engages students in readings and discussions about culturally competent assessment and intervention practices in schools, particularly within multi-tiered systems of support.

Her research primarily includes students from diverse backgrounds, including English learners, who are at-risk for reading difficulty. In his classes, Dr.

He and his graduate students are carrying out work that considers and incorporates issues of diversity in the context of parenting, as well as work focused on supports for students with disabilities in school contexts. Weyandt requires students to complete a multicultural assignment as part of her practicum course and she incorporates discussions of diversity considerations pertaining to children and adolescents. As part of her graduate teaching of physiological psychology Professor Weyandt assigns readings and conducts discussions regarding research multicultural factors and clinical neuroscience research.

In his teaching, Dr.

Willis integrates readings and discussions of cultural considerations in the context of the intellectual assessment of children and adults and in the developmental trajectories of psychopathology both in terms of risk and resilience. Currently, two of his PhD students are conducting dissertations in the area of diversity— one a treatment of multicultural issues in cognitive assessment and the other with a sample of individuals who are deaf. The Doctoral Program in School Psychology requires both practicum and internship experiences.

Doctoral students complete a minimum of hours of field-based practica distinct from and prior to internship. All students are required to complete a one-year full-time internship. For specifics of the internship requirements for each program, see the Program Handbooks on our website. Students are provided with a variety of ways of being introduced to and participating in research. These include:. The research interest groups are organized into three inter-related formats: Combined, Cohort, and Topical.

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The Combined SPRIG consists of biweekly meetings of all students and provides a combined interest forum for students to present their research competencies and to improve their design and exposition. It also provides opportunities for those who wish to present at a professional conference to practice this presentation in advance. In addition, students who are preparing for the oral defense of their thesis or dissertation sometimes use this means to practice their presentation.

Still other students use this opportunity to brainstorm about research hypotheses or designs for a particular study. Occasionally the Combined SPRIG meetings are divided into Cohort SPRIGs, consisting of all students divided into groups according to program and level allowing for support during similar stages of research experiences.

Topical SPRIGs are comprised of smaller groups of students who meet biweekly with a faculty member to discuss and plan research in specific areas. Students of all levels participate in these groups, providing a type of apprenticeship and mentoring atmosphere, within which faculty and more advanced students model research skills and newer students gain confidence in their own competencies while learning to generate research questions for projects, presentations, theses, and dissertations.

The Academic Health Collaborative provides interdisciplinary teaching and learning spaces, and access to experts, for all of URI's health disciplines.

personal statement psychology graduate school admissions Personal statement psychology graduate school admissions
personal statement psychology graduate school admissions Personal statement psychology graduate school admissions
personal statement psychology graduate school admissions Personal statement psychology graduate school admissions
personal statement psychology graduate school admissions Personal statement psychology graduate school admissions
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personal statement psychology graduate school admissions Personal statement psychology graduate school admissions

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