Advertising case studies with questions

Challenge Jerry Damson Honda wanted to obtain dominance of their local Honda market by increasing sales of key models while simultaneously boosting their market share against major out-of-brand competitors. Download Case Study. Weseloh Chevrolet.

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Defying Trends and Growing Sales in Challenge Weseloh Chevrolet wanted to scale advertising efforts to meet aggressive growth goals in West Houston Infiniti. Getting in Front of the Competition. They help establish your brand as a topical authority, demonstrate how your product solved a real problem for a customer, and help leads see how they could experience similar success with your services. However, they take time and effort to put together.

Fortunately, you can streamline the entire process with this post.

It includes:. Plus, like every type of content or marketing project out there, you can manage the entire workflow on one platform with CoSchedule. This can be a time-consuming process. So, grab this free template bundle to streamline your workflow. Here is everything it includes:. Awesome news! You're invited to a 1-on-1 marketing demo of CoSchedule!

Schedule Your Demo. Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog? According to Top Rank Blog , a case study is:. Here's a case study video example from a brand you might even be drinking right now if we had to guess, we'd say marketers love their Starbucks :.

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Click To Tweet. Here's an example of a case study CoSchedule created for Vega , a customer specializing in premium plant-based lifestyle products. It makes it clear who they are and exactly how CoSchedule has improved their business.

Red Bull is known for its amazing content marketing. This case study from Link Humans turns a typical blog post into a full-blown case study examining how the brand executes its wildly innovative strategy:. Why does this case study work? It's also concise and to the point. There is no fluff that would distract the reader from the most important information.

Plus, it helps Disney raise awareness of their corporate training programs. That's something most people probably don't know they offer, and so it's a great topic for a case study. This case study from TED landed on our highlight list for two reasons. This brief document is a perfect example of how to format a case study for easy printing.

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The information in your content is more important than the format. Here are all the elements you'll find in a typical case study:. The case study writing process includes several moving parts. However, by streamlining your workflow from start to finish, you can ensure no steps get missed. Here are the seven steps this post will cover to get the job done.

The first step in any case study writing process is deciding who you want to write about. It could be your organization, a client or a customer. Ask them before you start.

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If you are creating multiple case studies, design a pre-written permission letter. It will help move your writing process along. Our team is conducting a case study, and we would love to tell the story of [company].

Would you be interested in working with us to create a case study around the use of our product? Another potential step in the process is asking your case study subjects to sign a legal release form so you can use their information. You do not have to take this step in your case study creation process. If you do decide to have your subjects sign a form, consult with your legal team first. Once your client or customer has agreed to participate, you should begin to format your introductory questionnaire.

This questionnaire will help you get the information you need to shape the story of your case study. You can adjust your questions based on how your customer uses your product to get specific answers or quotes that can be highlighted in your study. Asking quality interview questions is critical to ensure that you get the information you need to write a full case study. These questions should be similar to the ones you sent in your questionnaire. These should help you gather any information you may have missed.

3 Powerful Case Studies That Show You How to Advertise on Twitter

Potential examples are:. Your case study participants were obviously experiencing some problem before they turned to your organization for a solution. Give the readers of your case study, even more, context by getting as much information about their problem as possible. Here are five questions to ask when identifying your subject's core problems. Finding out what helped your client or customer decide to work with your company is not only informative for potential new business, but it can help your organization determine what materials to publish.

Talk to your customer or client and find out how your solution is helped them fix the problem that they were previously experiencing. Another relevant question to ask during your interview process is how your subject implemented your solution into their work process. This could help eliminate nerves from other potential new customers. Results speak volumes so why not let your customer or client data do the talking for you?

Remember that you may not be able to gather or showcase all the data you ask for. The next part of your process is going to involve setting up your interview. Finally, you have all of your information collected in one place. Now comes the fun part; putting it all together into the case study template you downloaded earlier. The first part of any good case study is a catchy title. Your title should include the name of your client or customer as well as their logo. Your subhead should also be short and included information on what product or service they used that helped them solve their problem.

In your template, add your title and your subject's logo :. What does a quality title look like? Well, it doesn't have to be complicated. It should:. You can also include a statistic or two to help illustrate the success of your case study subject. Here's what this section looks like in your template:. The next part of your case study should explain who your case study is about. This is where the information that you gathered from your initial questionnaire would go.

In this part of the study, write about the top two to three issues that your case study participant was experiencing.

Advertising case studies with questions
Advertising case studies with questions
Advertising case studies with questions
Advertising case studies with questions
Advertising case studies with questions
Advertising case studies with questions
Advertising case studies with questions
Advertising case studies with questions

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