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Analyzing issues starts with understanding the historical context of marijuana usage. This substance is one of the oldest psychoactive.

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The first industrial use in medicine was many centuries ago in China Caulkins et al. Nowadays, the biggest marijuana use is in the United States. It is several times more than the average level in other economies The US market increased the mass-production of Cannabis in the sixtieth years of the twentieth century.

It was used for producing the hemp paper. Moreover, different parts of marijuana were used for food, fiber, and even fuel. Nevertheless, it is the most popular illegal drug in the world Caulkins et al. There is no exact number of people who use marijuana as narcotic.

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The approximate figure lies between million and million people during a year Caulkins et al. But a lot of users do not want to admit their usage so that the numbers could be even higher. The situation is even worse because among these people there are teenagers and children. One of the primary challenges of marijuana legalization is its adolescent usage and its prevention. They are very easy influenced and very often peer pressed. The curiosity may lead to serious problems either with health, school or law.

In four states of America decided to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Washington and Colorado are among them.

Medical Marijuana Essay Titles

Students of eighth and tenth grades from Washington increased the Cannabis use in the past 30 days Cerda et al. Authors consider the change only in one state because Colorado had much liberal medical marijuana laws before the legalization. In , when this state allowed usage of Cannabis in medicine, the teenagers increased using this drugs Schuermeyer et al.

Marijuana legalization must have strict limitations for the prevention of teenage usage.

Why is it Beneficial to Legalize Marijuana

So the market has to be transparent in showing the health risks of this drug. That was in the alcohol industry. School students need to know and understand the adverse effects of marijuana. So health educators have the challenge to show teens the danger of dependence and daily usage of this drugs in their young lives. The risk to be addicted to drugs is 1 in 10 for those who ever tried marijuana and 1 in 6 for those who first use in young age Hall and Weier.

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The dependence produces depression and careless way of life. Such students have worse academic results than other. They may leave school earlier and can decide to stay unemployed. The regulator has to find the solution how to protect children from drugs and cooperate with school authorities to reduce adverse outcomes. Moreover, legalization touches not only educational challenges but also situation on the roads.

The societies are afraid to have increasing numbers of impaired drivers after changes in the law.

The risk of collision doubles after the cannabis. According to the researchers, marijuana is second after alcohol substance, detected in the blood of drivers in case of car crashes Porath-Waller. The influence of Cannabis on the driver becomes a few times more harmful with the addition of alcohol.

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The ability for driving is affected by drugs. Unfortunately, this happens more often than wanted. This chemical shows The title of this essay is the Legalization of Marijuana. Footnotes are included. If using this essay I suggest you find newer sources and add on. This paper is pro legalization.. In WriteWork.

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  8. WriteWork contributors. This paper is pro legalization.

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    WriteWork contributors, "The title of this essay is the Legalization of Marijuana.

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    Marijuana essay titles

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